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Welcome to “lasting” Success!

You already know that diets don’t work. They never did and they never will.  Their overly simplistic, restricted calorie designs are doomed for failure.

Nonetheless, most people continue to think, “If scientists can Clone Sheep, surely they can invent a weight-loss pill that really works!” 

And, who could blame them?

For decades the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world have committed millions of dollars to develop weight-loss medications to address weight-loss and obesity.  Make no mistake… there’s a lot of money involved in the weight-loss industry!

Yet, in all that time, the world’s top researchers and biochemists are no closer now than they were decades ago.

The Unequivocal truth

Here’s what most people don’t realize… or don’t want to admit.  Despite all the progress in the world, our bodies still operate in the exact same manner they did more than 2,000 years ago.  There is no technology or pharmaceutical “wonder drug” that can change the way our bodies process food and activity.  Period!

Two strategies to: Weight-Management

The “Magic-bullet” strategy

The first is the “magic-bullet.”  It typically incorporates restricted-calorie starvation diets, pills, hypnosis, pre-packaged foods, etc.

You may remember the infamous liquid-diets, grapefruit diets, amphetamine diet pills, the Hollywood Diet, Scarsdale Diet Plans and of course, the most notorious diet pill of all time, “fen-phen” that resulted in multiple deaths, countless injuries and a $400-million dollar class-action settlement.

The magic-bullet approach is appealing because it requires no responsibility.  You simply fall into a “system” and “they” tell you what to do.  You don’t even need to think.  (You just need to suffer).  The system has all the answers.  And if you fail, well, then it’s your fault because you weren’t a good “dieter.”  The magic-bullet has left millions of people in hopeless despair (and hungry) in their never-ending quest to be thin.

The Fitness strategy

Meanwhile, beneath the clamor of misleading advertising, dieting “gurus” and multi-level weight-loss marketing schemes, the Fitness Industry has quietly and methodically helped millions of people throughout the world achieve long-term weight-management, fitness and lifestyle goals.

How..? By using common sense!

eight-management programs designed by fitness professionals focus on two primary elements — proper nutrition and productive exercise.

Health and fitness experts, world-class coaches and athletes all focus on body-composition (body-fat vs. lean mass) instead of body weight.

You’ll also find that fitness professionals emphasize the physiological aspect of weight-management as opposed to the psychological side.  This makes sense since most fitness experts receive their training in exercise physiology, nutrition and other life sciences related to the physical world.

our proven fitness formula for sustainable weight-management

in addition to being placed on a regimented exercise program and given a comprehensive nutrition guide, Finish fit®  members  are  set  up  with  a sensible nutrition  plan  by  a Precision  Nutrition  Certified Personal Trainer based on body type. During the assessment,  we  determine your Somatotype or body  type  to  decide if you are a Mesomorph (average person), Ectomorph (skinny trying to add muscle mass), or Endomorph (big   and   stocky). Given  your  goal  (i.e.  weight   loss, weight gain, maintenance) and body type we  determine  your  Resting Metabolic Rate, and  assign you a Macronutrient (fats,   protein,   cabs)   percentage   breakdown. you then log your food, track your calories and macronutrient ratios on a daily basis on our app. Why? because its been scientifically shown that writing down what you eat significantly increases weight loss success.

we measure your success by taking weekly "body fat" measurements (in addition to "weight "measurements) to determine if the weight loss is coming from "fat mass" or "muscle mass". by measuring "body composition" we tailor your nutrition and fitness program to ensure that you are not losing "muscle mass". why is this important? because muscle  is the engine in the body. its is what burns calories. if the majority of your weight loss comes from a drop in "muscle mass" (as it always happens if you're only on a calorie restriction diet) your metabolism will slow down and your weight loss will plateau. by periodizing (or changing) your fitness and nutrition program we ensure that never happens!

Learn why most conventional diets fail!

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