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Enhance the overall health of your workforce by engaging your team in healthful practices. Bring the expertise of the Finish Fit® team to your workplace to raise awareness and promote wellness with seminars and fitness programs.


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Incorporating health and fitness practices has been proven to benefit work places across the world. Here's just a few of the benefits. 

  • Happier Staff, feeling like they are part of something more than just work. 
  • Fit and Healthy Employees are less likely to get sick and take less sick days. 
  • Healthy team members have more energy, and spread that enthusiasm in the work place. 
  • Regular Fitness reduces Stress, and encourages clear, focused thinking. 
  • Shows the company cares about the team’s welfare. 

1. Finish Fit® Corporate Health & Wellness Program

Finish Fit® Corporate Health & Wellness Program is an innovative collaboration of our Nutrition and Fitness coaches that creates a customized, goal-oriented plan for your team to achieve wellness objectives in the most efficient and effective environment. Wellness industry leaders have determined that in order to build a successful wellness program, you must find a way to build individual relationships with each participant for overall success of the program. Our Team approach builds relationships that create a culture dedicated to each team member's health and fitness goals by customizing our approach to EACH team member. 

Ideal for companies to maintain health and wellness within the workplace.

2. Yearly services at your company

We can offer the following services depending on the needs of your company

  • Onsite individual or group nutrition classes
  • Onsite meal planning for any and all meals
  • Onsite individual or group fitness training
  • Onsite follow up visits
  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Lifestyle and stress evaluation
  • Customized  wellness plan for your entire team
  • Monthly services in the comfort of your home or office
  • Nutrition coaching and education seminars
  • Fitness instruction and implementation of group workout routines. Based on your team's schedule
  • Boot Camp in the Park:Get a group together and meet a Finish Fit® Coach in your local park. Every session is unique, mixing between interval training, strength circuits, core work and fun team games for that all important team spirit. We can add more or less of an emphases on team building, depending on your needs.
  • We build your package to suit you: It's bespoke. Finish Fit® has an excellent team of professionals waiting to get started.
  • We can travel anywhere in Southern California to a place that's convenient to you.
  • Typical Duration: 60 Minute Sessions
  • 24/7 access to all Finish Fit® Coaches

Free Trial Available with no obligation

3. Finish Fit® Executive Wellness

The Finish Fit® team engages key executives to promote wellness and help prevent lifestyle illness

Ideal for executives to maintain health and wellness. Yearly services include

  • Nutrition evaluation
  • Fitness evaluation
  • Lifestyle and stress evaluation
  • Customized wellness plan
  • Monthly services in the comfort of your home or office
  • Boot Camp or Personal Training
  • Nutrition coaching and education
  • Fitness instruction and implementation of a workout routine
  • 24/7 access to all Finish Fit® Coaches

4. then Finish Fit® Nutrition program at Work

  • Lunchtime seminars at your workplace to promote healthy eating.
  • Ideal for managers

Nutrition topics include:

  • Components of a healthy diet
  • Creating a balanced plate of food
  • Shopping for healthy foods
  • Ordering healthy at a restaurant
  • Preparing healthy food at home
  • Mindful eating: Intuitive eating designed to get away from a diet mentality
  • Getting kids to eat healthy
  • Emotions and food
  • Superfoods: What are they and what’s so super about them?
  • Understanding dietary supplements
  • Heart-healthy nutrition

Who Pays? Either the company pays for the service, as an Employee Benefit. Or the participants split the cost, and pay us directly. Very flexible indeed. 

Finish Fit, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Fitness Center in Glendale, CA

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