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what should i eat before, during, and after my workout?

precision nutrition certified Finish Fit® coaches design the correct nutrition plan for members before, during, and after workouts via  finish fit® nutrition app to help each and every member finish fit®. Here's how:  (see full article at:

finish fit®, llc

food logging

1)  achieve calorie balance

2)  Understand energy expenditure vs. food consumption ratio

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Why use the with Finish Fit® nutrition app?

the Finish Fit® proprietary nutrition coaching System is designed to keep you continuously stimulated. Members  receive custom meal plans, with the correct macro nutrient ratios based on their goals (body fat loss, muscle mass gain, or maintenance) , on their mobile devices through the finish fit® nutrition app.  No plateaus allowed! here's how:

the "4 pillars" of the Finish Fit® Nutrition coaching system explained!

in this program you will progress through our proprietary "4-Pillar Nutrition Coaching System" which includes:

I. Self Education - (Weekly homework)

This exclusive
12-week weight-management program (CLICK LINK TO VIEW COURSE)  covers the basics of human physiology. It explains in non-technical terms how, and why, your body will positively respond to proper nutrition and productive exercise. The information is not intended to advocate any particular protocol. It does not promote any products. It is straight-forward, peer-reviewed information to help you understand how your body really works. In just 12 weeks you will have the knowledge and tools to take control… forever!

II. Online Webinars - (Weekly Webinars)

You will join a 1- hour weekly online webinar with your Precision Nutrition Certified Finish Fit® Nutrition Coach once per week after you complete each week's homework online (see previous paragraph).
Topics covered include: 1) Learning the key to permanent weight management 2) How to choose the best diet for "you" 3) personalized & professional menu planning strategies 4) Menus & shopping lists 5) Tips & guidelines 6) Support & accountability 7) Exercise tracking 8) Supplement stacking based on guidelines 7) Opportunity for Q&A at the end of the webinar

III. Individualized Coaching - (Weekly Individualized Coaching Calls)

This program is all about developing hands-on, “real-world” practices and skills. We help you stay accountable, be consistent, and finally get off the “workout hamster wheel” for good. And we support you all along the way. If you’re tired of feeling pissed-off, frustrated, or like a failure because you’re injured; or are too busy to follow a complicated workout plan; or aren’t feeling as spry as your 18-year-old self did… Or if you’re tired of all the confusing, contradictory information out there about how to eat and work out right...Or if you just want to fit into your old pants and have a little more’ve come to the right place.

IV. Exercise Programming -  (Weekly exercise programming)

If you have your own workout program, personal trainer, or favorite sport already, no problem. Enjoy! But if you’re looking for a workout plan, great. We’ll give you videos, step-by-step instructions, and tips on adjusting movement to meet your needs via the
Finish Fit® Fitness App (CLICK LINK TO VIEW APP).

shopping lists

1)  get shopping lists that are customized to your shopping habits

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 Meal plans

1)  get properly balanced macro nutrient ratios

2)  receive portion sizes based on your specific needs

3)  learn simple preparation tips

4)  implement time saving tips

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you Must use the username and password assigned to you by your finish fit® nutrition coach.

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exercise tracking

1)  stay accountable to your exercise regime by tracking your progress and setting new goals